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From a Freelance service provider to a thrilling full-service Digital Agency. Here’s how Dairah has grown over the years.

Our story

I said Goodbye, but little did I know…

It was July 2012, and I was sitting in my office when I first discussed this with the owner of the company that I wanted to pursue my MBA and couldn’t continue my job with it.

I knew I was leaving the company where I served as the Manager of Digital Media and learned how to run an E-commerce business while only a few people in Pakistan were actually aware of this term at that time. With a few projects in hand, I continued my studies and my passion simultaneously. And for one of my freelance projects, I contacted Kashif.

Kashif & I know each other since the early 2000s, we used to play counter strike in a clan called Fable. At that time, he was working in the advertising industry.

In September 2014, when I approached him for a project I came to know that he has started his own advertising agency with two friends and was looking for someone to build a website for his company.

And that’s how it all started

I did his project, and he helped me in mine. Soon we realized that we need each other. He had a vast knowledge of conventional advertising and I was experienced in tech stuff.

Right after completing his website, I got another project from Oman Air. It was an awareness campaign for their latest offering for HAJJ season. I did this project with him as a consultant, managed the entire campaign from media releases, ad serving, campaign optimization to reporting.

In late 2014, I got a project from a political party to manage their upcoming election campaign. I created the proposal for them, involved Kashif in the creative process and designed a plan for integrating BTL activities, get UGC and more relevant eyeballs. It was one of its kind campaign that led to an electoral victory.
Meanwhile I was working on my own dream project medicalstore.com.pk, which was going to be the No.1 choice of consumers to buy healthcare products online in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, I was working on one of my own dream projects. Medicalstore.com.pk, Pakistan’s no.1 online pharmacy and healthcare portal.

The Start of a new journey

After the success of the election campaign, Kashif invited me to his office and discussed the partnership opportunity with his agency. In no time, Usman (His Partner) managed to convince me that the organization is the right fit for me. We thought it would be a great idea to fill out each other’s shortcomings. The industry was transforming, digital advertising buzz was initiating and companies were looking for agencies with digital media management capabilities.

Usman -“We can do great”. Ovais-“Let’s do it”

The very next question that popped up in our minds was what kind of companies we might want to pitch? There were a few companies we immediately agreed on. The first client we worked with was Fakt Exhibitions, we made some websites for them, managed social profiles and advertising campaigns for multiple events. Soon we achieved Qatar Airway’s account for digital advertising & in no time the leading Engine Oil Company handed over the entire digital media account to us. We were on the winning streak, we were pitching and winning the clients when Allah decided to bless us with something more, and we brought the Bank Al Habib onboard too. By the end of 2015, we were serving clients from 7 industry verticals ranging from FMCG, Airlines, Financial institutions, lubricants, healthcare, education and real estate.

The Breeze of 2016 changed everything

I was standing at a point where I was about to leave a team of more than 15 people, lavish office, cool working environment and on the other hand a chance to live my dream, build the biggest healthcare platform of Pakistan.

Without overthinking I released my fist and grabbed the opportunity, but it was not that easy, the venture needed funds like any other startups. Fortunately, I never learned how to give up.

I wanted to promote my dream and make it the No.1 choice of consumers buying healthcare products online in Pakistan. I chose Digital Marketing, but why only my dreams when I know I can give wings to multiple brands from different industries who are looking to fly.

But what it’s going to be?

Few things were very clear in my mind, I wanted to strip away inefficiency in the industry. I wanted to create an agency where there was as little friction as possible between the clients and people doing the work. I wanted an agency where we not only focus on bringing clients onboard but improving the quality of work simultaneously. We could spend our time doing the work closely with clients, rather than just managing the work of clients. I wanted to change the misconception of the industry that creative people couldn’t speak to clients or they’re incapable of communicating. That’s why from day 1 I encouraged clients to speak directly to the person working on their project. A place where I can sit peacefully and focus on my work. And not a very lavish, costly space. Initially, I wanted to keep it simple and cost-effective. I wanted our work to stand out not the place.

But what it’s going to be?

I named it Dairah (Circle) For us Dairah as a noun had different interpretations. The first is the range of service that we offers to our clients. Ranging from ideation to implementation. The ever expanding possibilities that depicts growth and expansion. A circle with limitless possibilities!

Ready to takeoff

The first thing I did after getting the desired space and designing the identity and logo of Dairah, was trying to land some clients. I used my contacts and managed to land a few clients.
But not everything was that smooth…
Client’s requirements and platforms were changing, agencies have now established digital media wings, and the video was the new creative format. I decided to hire a full-time animator and outsourced the design initially while managing the other aspects of business myself.
Within just a few days, Uride (A private ride hailing service company in Pakistan) was onboard with us and a few big wins helped us scale the business.


During these years, Dairah went from 1 to over 12 people. Our work started getting valued by our clients and we extended our range of services from digital advertising, BPO consultancy to management. And the story continues…

Friends we made during the journey


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