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We promote brands through digital channels and love to explore opportunities of the whirlwind world of digital marketing. Our inquisitiveness and risk taking approach brings us to the leading edge and puts us among the leaders in opening up what is new. From a one man show to the team of young and ambitious professionals with more than 10 years of working experience and a growing portfolio Dairah is THE advertising agency you can trust.

It is where ordinary people talk about
ideas at will.

It is where KPI depends not only
on budgets.

It is where we value heart beats
more than anything.

Digital Solutions
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Talk to the specialist with 10+ years of on-field digital marketing experience and find a solution for your unique problems.

Our Competence

What Allows Us To Create
Such Amazing Projects ?​

Our team of 10 Digital enthusiasts working for client’s success dedicatedly.

Our Team

We analyze, formulate, implement and evaluate each project to ensure that we never lose on anything.


We are working in the market since 2012 and are part of the story of the Pakistani Digital Market



What Our Customers
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Services We Offer​

We offer a wide range of
services including

Web & Mobile app Development

We don't just develop websites and Apps we build solutions that real people can use.

E-commerce management

No matter if you are an existing business or a strartup, we offer e-commerce business management solutions.

Media Buying & Planning

Experienced in handling massive to small campaigns starting from $1,000 to $100,000 that delivered results.

Search Engine Optimization

We offer search engine optimization services to our clients from 7 different industry verticals.

WordPress Performance Optimization

Our wordpress performance optimization service is a result of 10 years of wordpress experience that reduces avg load times by 300%

Social Media Management

If you are looking for PROs of social media marketing, you are at right place. We have served 10 giant clients over past few years from across the globe.


Positive Feedback​

We leave impression on hearts of people. We have open review policy that allows you to talk to our client before signing a deal with us.​

Exclusive Partnerships​

We have partnered with influencers, agencies, media houses, payment gateway providers and logistics companies to bring you the solutions that you love.​

Effective Indicators in Projects​

May it be the launch of a million dollar ride hailing company in Pakistan or taking airlines revenues to new heights we break our own records and set KPIs for next project.​

& Trust of Our clients

Contemporary digital solutions for clients from divergent industry verticals

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