From a start-up to a multi-million dollar company

What is Uride?

Uride Network (Pvt.) Ltd is Pakistan’s private Car Hailing startup that allows you to book a chauffeur driven car in no time. It offers safe, affordable and comfortable service by connecting you with a ride that fits your needs.

The Challenge

Uride was built locally with an aim to simplify the whole ride-hailing experience, but it was not that easy. Uride was comparatively new and the market was already swarming with global giants like Careem and Uber. The challenge was to connect with the consumers, make them believe that the service is easier, safer and reliable.

What we did for Uride ?

  • Digital Strategy Consultation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Customer support & community management
  • Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Youtube Ads,
  • Instagram and other Ad networks
  • Video content production
  • Creative production

The war within the industry.

The competition was big and intense, we needed a solid strategy to create awareness and drive penetration in the market. Our strategy relied on strengthening and highlighting the basics of ride-haling and offering our consumers the best deals with high security and strict policies. During the time the demand was there but the supply was not consistent. It was the war within the industry to pull vendors from other’s pockets by offering them more money. We were looking at this trend and started to chase the insights that could motivate the vendors to shift among companies. We deployed a listening system, joined several private and Whatsapp groups and listened to the complaints of vendors/divers who were key actors of the business.

The most driver friendly company

We found that there were several variables that needed improvements to retain these people, reported them to the management and built the policies accordingly. The listening worked, and soon we became the most driver friendly company where people were working not just for money, but the culture. In just 6 months, the startup got traction and was posting a tremendous month over month growth in revenue, no of rides completed, average driver online time, acceptance rate and user ratings.

What we delivered ?

After 1 year of ‘anthak mehnat’ we were among the top ride-hailing companies serving more than




Completed Rides


Lakh plus app Installations

Over the course of our  collaboration with Dairah, we were convinced early on by the quality of service and deliverables. Wishing young fellows a very best of luck.

Mr. Ashfaq Memon


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